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Anchorage, Alaska

In addition to our attorneys, Reeves Amodio LLC is ably assisted by our office manager, Blanche Sheppard, and by our legal secretaries Amy Gum, Michelle Hanlon-Dehner, and Tayler Haag.

Blanche Sheppard

Blanche Sheppard joined the firm in 2019 as the office manager. A transplant from Houston, Texas, Blanche moved here in 2014 with a shiny new Bachelor of Arts in English degree and a husky puppy. Since then, she’s worked in a variety of fields in Anchorage, started a family, and adopted several more animals. As Office Manager, Blanche handles accounts payable and receivables, works with vendors, and helps keep the firm running smoothly. Contact Blanche at

Amy Gum

Amy, one of our legal secretaries, was born in South Carolina and moved to Alaska with her family when she was two, becoming a diehard Alaskan. She worked in a credit union for 2.5 years in the collections department, where she had several different responsibilities. However, what drew her interest the most was the legal part of her job; she enjoyed those aspects of her job so much that it led her into looking for positions in the legal field. Working with Reeves Amodio has already taught her a great deal about the legal system, and she continues to acquire new skills every day.

Michelle Hanlon-Dehner

Michelle, our most senior legal secretary, has worked as a paralegal and legal secretary across several states and decades. After moving with her family from California to Alaska, Michelle conquered the legal landscape of Alaska adeptly, quickly becoming proficient in the processes and procedures of Alaskan law. Michelle enjoys a busy law office where she can stay busy.

Tayler Haag

Tayler is our newest legal secretary, a welcome addition to an extremely busy legal practice. Tayler is from Alaska, and grew up in the Anchorage area. She started working in a law office in Washington, where she quickly learned the ropes. After that, she worked for a large firm in Anchorage, and now she works at Reeves Amodio with us, balancing the workload for our numerous attorneys.