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Preparing an appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, or other appellate court requires different skills than preparing a case for trial. An appellate attorney, who was not the trial lawyer, sometimes is better able to see the case from the perspective of the appellate judges. For this reason, talented trial attorneys often choose to refer their clients to an appellate specialist when the client’s successful outcome is appealed by the opposing party. Likewise, if the trial result is disappointing to the client, the trial attorney may refer the case to an appellate specialist for an independent evaluation of the issues and review of the likelihood of success with an appeal.

Reeves Amodio attorneys have substantial experience in handling appeals in both state and federal courts. Susan Orlansky has participated in over 180 appeals in the Alaska Supreme Court, the Alaska Court of Appeals, the Ninth Circuit, the Fifth Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court. She is one of the most experienced and well-respected appellate attorneys in the state, and is often invited to speak to attorney groups on matters of appellate practice. Ms. Orlansky’s appellate cases have covered a very wide range of subject matter, including business contracts, oil and gas law, land use disputes, constitutional questions, tort cases, election law, divorce disputes, and criminal cases. Tom Amodio and Brian Stibitz also have significant appellate experience, particularly in election law and environmental matters.

Our attorneys will be pleased to consult with you on whether to pursue an appeal and, if you choose to appeal, they will coordinate with your former trial attorney to make the transfer of representation cost-effective.