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Brian Stibitz, formerly an associate and now of counsel at Reeves Amodio, has the courtroom lawyer’s ability to think on his feet and reduce complex environmental matters to simple statements comprehensible to the layman. He is an effective advocate and adviser on a wide variety of environmental and land use issues.

Mr. Stibitz’s environmental practice at Reeves Amodio has included advising a borough government on RCRA hazardous waste storage issues and assisting the Municipality of Anchorage on matters relating to a landfill. He also successfully defended a herbicide-application permit issued by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and was central to negotiated resolution of environmental disputes arising from lead contamination at a local park.

Mr. Stibitz’s reported cases that touch on environmental or land use issues include Alaska Community Action on Toxics v. Hartig, 321 P.3d 360 (Alaska 2014)(defense of Alaska Railroad’s ADEC-issued herbicide application permit); Alaskan Crude Corp. v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas, 261 P.3d 412 (Alaska 201 1)(dispute concerning oil spill contingency plan and compliance or non-compliance with timelines of oil and gas unit agreement); State, Dept. of Natural Resources v. Alaska Riverways, Inc., 232 P.3d 1203 (Alaska 2010)(various issues relating to upland riparian owner’s right to wharf-out over state-owned submerged lands).